About Elyse


Elyse Marie Santoro is a Feng Shui Design Alchemist, a certified Soul Coach, and a trained Interior Alignment Practitioner.  Her unique gift as an intuitive healer and artist, combined with her natural eye for beauty and detail, have allowed her to work of exclusive projects where she has become known for her Coastal Zen Chic style – a calm, refined and sophisticated perspective, which can be found throughout her projects spanning from exclusive residential spaces from New York to Los Angeles and throughout South Florida’s exclusive luxury communities. 

Her 25 years of design expertise have been shaped by her eclectic design aesthetic which integrates the influences from her Buddhist Zen studies as a certified feng shui expert, along with her time spent at spiritual retreats at the best beach destinations from Tahiti, Hawaii and the entire Caribbean.

Elyse is a seasoned world traveler and she is passionate about bringing the right global accents to each project she creates to leave her clients with a resort vibe to live in year round that promotes a state of peace and relaxation. Her work has been featured in Florida Design Magazine, Natural Home, and Casa and Estilo.

Celebrity clients include Woody Harrelson and Debbie Ford and local Miami Feng Shui clients have included exclusive properties such as The Sagamore Hotel and Mandarin Oriental.  Elyse currently lives on Miami Beach with her two sweet fur companions Tosh and Grace.

She spends her free time painting, re-arranging and decorating her home for the season, shopping for vintage finds, and relaxing at the area’s many luxury hotels and spa’s.