I want to invite you to a virtual interior design consultation.


Design Shrink to the rescue!

We can help!! A Mini Design Shrink in 60 is a terrific solution for that DIY client just looking for some simple direction for a specific question or to address a general space in your home.


All sessions are conducted via Zoom Video so, if you’re on mobile, you can totally walk us through your trouble spots and let us have a look-see.

Now, keep in mind we won’t be able to design your entire room in one virtual, 60-minute session but we can definitely help you with the direction you need.

So, all you have to do is book your design shrink mini in 60 consultation and have your mobile device ready with the Zoom App (free to download in iTunes or Google play.

Just have your trouble making space well-lit and any accessories or finish options you need help with decisions on nearby. That's it!

Chat soon! 


Design discovery call - 20 min free

I understand making a full commitment is scary . Let’s get to know each other before taking the plunge and look at where your needs can be helped by some of the services I offer

What do ya think?


Mini Design Shrink -  1 hour @ 300.00

Your 1 hour personal virtual on line design consultation – ask me anything. Great for the DIY client -after call you get  a customized Design prescription for all recommendations discussed as your guide to moving forward


In Home Design Shrink-  2 hours $650.00

Are you Ready to experience me in action on site? Invite me over and watch me solve some of your most important  issues while I am  in my zone of genius


Full Service Design Shrink   3 hours – follow-up and and full blueprint report $1500

We begin your sacred home and life design journey with my design shrink session; an intuitive and science based reading of how your home and your life intersect, affect one another, support one another, and how your home and work space can positively impact your future by being a catalyst for your goals and dreams to manifest sooner.

Includes a preliminary questionnaire, 2.5 to 3-hour interview; a comprehensive report that identifies your Design Alchemy blueprint plan to move forward. This can be integrated in your home, work environment and brand as needed.