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We will weave your past, present, and future together so your new environment and path supports your purpose, passion & legacy.


Hi there! I’m Chad.

Chad Welch – Design Alchemist and Lifestyle Expert

Chad draws on over 20 years of experience and training in the areas of Personal Development, High Performance Strategy, Image Consulting, Luxury Lifestyle Living, and High-End Interior Design in order to deliver a truly unique alchemical holistic approach to Thriving in all areas of life for his clients.

His work has been featured in publications such as Robb Report Luxury Home and Jezebel Magazine, and he is a frequent speaker and lifestyle advocate, and has forged powerful current and past partnerships with lifestyle brands such as Live Ultimate, Neiman Marcus and Tom Ford International just to name a few.

Chad is committed to supporting his clients in their total lifestyle transformations and enjoys giving back to the community as the CEO of his non-profit corporation, the Conscious Entrepreneurs Roundtable.


Hey there! I’m Elyse.

Elyse Marie Santoro - Feng Shui Design Alchemist, certified Soul Coach and trained Interior Alignment Practitioner.  

Her unique gift as an intuitive healer and artist, combined with her natural eye for beauty and detail, have allowed her to work of exclusive projects where she has become known for her Coastal Zen Chic style – a calm, refined and sophisticated perspective, which can be found throughout her projects spanning from exclusive residential spaces from New York to Los Angeles and throughout South Florida’s exclusive luxury communities. 

Her 25 years of design expertise have been shaped by her eclectic design aesthetic which integrates the influences from her Buddhist Zen studies as a certified fung shui expert, along with her time spent at spiritual retreats at the best beach destinations from Tahiti, Hawaii and the entire Caribbean.


What does working with us look like? 

The Well Curated Lifestyle Experience

Imagine living a life where flow, ease, and excitement were your natural states of being.  Where vitality, health, wealth, prosperity and rich relationships and experiences were all supported through living in luxurious, comfortable spaces. 

Imagine having your own personal lifestyle team of experts, exclusively curating every aspect of living your best life through a unique Design Alchemy Blueprint -think of it as your personal permission slip to thrive and live the life of your dreams, AND, not only that, to look and feel your best while living it.  From your first VIP meeting with Elyse and Chad, you’ll be carefully led through their exclusive interview and assessment in order to identify your most pressing areas of attention. 

You’ll gain clarity around who you really are and how you’ve always desired to live in this intimate process.  You’ll step into a greater understanding of what it truly means to THRIVE, and to live a Well Curated Life!

Ready to get started? Your first step is to book a call with us: