Feng Shui - Bring Luck to your door!


A Feng Shui consultation will help you live and work more in the flow, attract great energy and shift any challenges you may be experiencing.


Feng Shui consultations for your house and home include consultations for an existing home, as well as for a new home, be it building a new home or renovating the existing one.


The goal of a commercial space Feng Shui consultation is to considerably improve the productivity, efficiency, performance and the ultimate success of business. The analysis of business marketing materials is also included.


Our real estate consultations are designed to help sell your home faster by removing the energetic blockages in the house. Also provided are Feng Shui consultations for real estate developers.

If you are looking to buy a house with good Feng Shui, Elyse can do a site inspection with prior notice,



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The length of the in-person Feng Shui consultation in the South Florida area depends on the size, as well as the overall state of your space. The typical consultation lasts about 3-4 hrs, one hour is spent in preparation with the material that is sent prior to the onsite visit, although many go longer. The client is the one in charge of time.

Upon arrival, Elyse will explain in more detail how your specific consultation will work. A Feng Shui consultation usually starts with the tour of the home or business, when the client shows the space, tells what works and what doesn’t, and emphasizes the goals for the consultation. After the tour is finished, Elyse will begin to create the overall analysis.

Based on her analysis, the second part of the local consultation consists of many practical Feng Shui recommendations, numerous suggestions, with specific cures to transform your space. The consultation often involves moving furniture, repositioning the art, and letting go of some items. More often than not, a local consultation is a very hands-on process!

Please note, the written Feng Shui report (if requested) are priced separately.


To Book a Feng Shui appointment


1. Fill Out the Booking Form. To book a Feng Shui consultation in the United States, please use our contact form. Depending on Elyse’s schedule, your consultation can be booked anywhere from two to three weeks from the day of your request.

2. Accept the Consultation Terms. Read the Feng Shui consultation terms and conditions and click the “Send” button. This serves as your digital signature/acceptance of consultation terms and conditions.

3. Have All Materials Ready. Here’s the info we need (please do not email it to us until your consultation is confirmed).

  • The Dates of Birth for People Living or Working in Your Space

    • Please provide us the date and year of birth (as well the gender in case of exotic names) of all family members living in the house or key business people working in the office.

  • Your Address and Floor Plan

    • The City Hall, or your builder/realtor, will have the copy of your floor plan. If you cannot locate the original floor plan, please do your best with drawing a sketch.

  • Confirmation/Booking Payment

    • To book your Feng shui consultation, we request 50% consultation payment as confirmation. The confirmation payment is based on a 2hr consultation; the payment is done on-line via Paypal. You do not have to be a Paypal member in order to make a payment. The booking payment is $390- Elyse’s current hourly fee for residences. Commercial spaces are priced by sq ft

The link is emailed to you when we receive your consultation request.

OUR CANCELLATION POLICY: We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to reschedule or cancel your Feng Shui consultation, please give us advance notice. If you reschedule with a 24 hr notice, the fee for late rescheduling is $80.00 If you cancel with less than 24 hr notice, your confirmation payment is non-refundable.

The most important quality I experienced working with Elyse as she helped me in the design of my new home was that I felt she truly brought the ‘heart’ into my home, making me feel completely connected in no time at all.
— Debbie Ford, Best Selling Author La Jolla, CA
Elyse has been our Feng Shui consultant for many years, and this is the 3rd house we have sold with ease. Elyse has been the Feng Shui consultant for selling our homes, and she has also been the consultant for expanding our business, improving the kids focus in school, and finding my romantic relationship.
— Sabrina Herrera Coconut Grove, FL
Elyse listened carefully to my vision, and then brought her expertise and imagination to creating a home that turned out to be truly beyond my wildest dreams. Elyse did a superb job helping me to create a home that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but filled with the energy of creativity, inspiration, passion and possibility.
— Elliot Pilshaw, Miami Beach, FL
For the first time in five years I experienced a simple feeling of comfort being inside my home. A sense of balance and harmony permeated my home. What I waste, I thought, to have lived here for so long without this feeling.
— Jacob Barrocas Asheville, NC
All in all, my wife and I enjoy very beautiful, functional living and work environments thanks to Elyse’s work. Oh, did I forget to mention we now enjoy a very substantial increase income as well. So if you think Feng Shui is some fairy tale that does not work…think again. Less then a year ago I never could have dreamed this could have happened from a bit of Feng Shui redecorating…but it did! Thanks Elyse!!
— David Sontag North Miami Beach, FL
I cannot begin to express my sincere thanks of how you’ve made a difference in my life in so many ways! Now, I cannot begin to imagine living anywhere in peace without you sharing your magical Feng Shui touch in my home!
— Tracey Hagen Miami, FL