Have you just gone through a loss and need to find your true north again?

Is your environment an accurate reflection of who you are now?

Have you longed to express the creativity you’ve kept secretly hidden and monetize it?


Hi,I’m Elyse

I am an intuitive, artist and creative catalyst. For 35 years I have designed Holistic Feng Shui spaces and transformed the lives of my clients as they were going through different transitions in their lives. During these years I've developed deep wisdom about the relationship our environment plays in creating happiness, fulfillment and success. I am here to bring my wisdom and system to you when you are ready to take a leap into your Divine Destiny.

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There are many coaches, mentors and designers out there that do good work but what I offer is my highly intuitive strategic strengths and systems to provide you with expert guidance in reinventing your life and home environment. In this journey you will experience the joy, freedom and fulfillment you’ve been longing for.

The work I do is designed to create flow in your life, so you thrive in your work, relationships and creative pursuits. I use Human Design, Feng Shui and my own proprietary Design Alchemy process to set the foundation. This helps me to know the exact elements, colors and style that reflect your essence and highest most Divine aspect of yourself.

My process sets in motion a new relationship with your inner self activating your spirit to express that which has been hidden from you most of your life. My Interior Design work starts from the inside and works its way out to your environment.

Let’s go on this journey together! I invite you to schedule a call to discuss the process.


There are many capable designers and coaches out there that do good work. But you need more than just a few good pieces and accessories. You need an intentionally-curated environment that will empower your soul to thrive.

An environment designed holistically with your Human Design and Feng Shui personal profile integrated into it. Designing a great interior is an act of Love that inspires you to fall madly in love with your home and workspace. Creating a space that reflects your soul is my zone of genius.