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Are you in a state of bloom or are you withering?

Isn’t it time to Align your life with your soul’s purpose, and live the life you were destined to live?

Are you ready to learn how to design your life as a beautiful flow of divinely inspired creativity that will support you to have unlimited abundance and profound loving relationships?

  •  Are you in a transition wondering what’s next and how to get there?

  • Are you tired of feeling stuck in a rut and want to feel passionate about your life again?

  • Is your old life over and now you just want to have fun living life in a new way?

  • You feel you are creative but haven’t found the confidence to explore and create your special talent yet in the world to thrive with?

  • Are you ready to reinvent yourself and are looking for the signs?

  • Have you wanted to create your life work to include creative self-expression and healing but haven’t figured out how?

  • Have you outgrown the design of your living space and leave you longing to redesign but don't where to start?

  • Is your home uninspiring and lacking the beauty and inspiration that reflects the essence of who you are?


one of the most painful sources of confusion in today’s cultural story is about what beauty truly is and how we, as women, can express our own inner beauty—in a way that feels authentic, unique and powerful. To me, beauty is the expression of the goddess within. most women walk around with the illusion of feeling, less-than and un-empowered.

I used to live that way, but I discovered an enchanted method to breathe new life back into myself. The Bloom Experience is created to share a powerful method of creative transformation with other women so that YOU can.... 

Unleash a powerful flow of creativity in your life
Discovering how to open your creative channel and live artistically & intuitively

Re-write your life story and open to the miracles available for you Exploring various pathways of self-expression

Learn how to elevate your personal energetic frequency to step into the 5th dimension of awareness
Releasing 3rd dimension reality to tap into a new dimension of living with ease and grace

Love your life
Living more aligned with your divine design and creating a life that reflects your soul style life experiences

Learn to live in the present moment and feel peace and serenity
Discovering a way to be connected to your source of power and remain in the present moment to be a master creator


my journey


For the longest time I was wondering when and how I would project my light and creativity in the world to transform the lives of others on a much deeper level.  I was in Burnout myself feeling lost and like Is this it? Is this all there is to my life?

I never felt like I had something really valuable to offer until I was drawn to a community of artists and healers in Northern California and took a training to teach a method of healing the wounds and unleashing the creative stories that we hold within us. As I healed my own sense of personal value and worthiness I was able to step forth and teach others in monthly Intentional Creativity classes to connect and heal issues that blocked them from moving forward.

This is what led me to design this program- The Bloom Experience. I realized I now had a combination of gifts that would help a woman reconnect to their inner hidden stories so they had a safe space to reveal them and release them, thus connecting them with the confidence and energy to blossom in the soul purpose life they were meant to live.

Most of my life I worked in my career as an Interior Designer and Feng Shui expert and this was primarily for others, and yes it transformed their lives but I knew there was another way, a more holistic creative way that included more of who I as a life artist at my essential core , to help other women step into a new creative beautiful stress free life, one that thru the re-invention process they would go thru with my  rite of passage process would take them HOME- yes! That you would finally feel HOME within yourself and your home environment because they would be designed to be a true reflection of you.



Not everyone may be ready to go through the spiritual, emotional and material transformation required to re-define yourself, re-align your life and re-claim your Divine power. It may not always be the time for a major life makeover and that’s fine.

But if you feel it is the time, you want to let the universe know you are ready!

Is it time for you to fully Blossom!

Answer these questions yes or no

Are you ready to…

  • Stop waiting, settling, and playing small and start taking bigger steps to make your vision real - Take leaps of faith and step into the unknown, even when it's scary?

  • Integrate all the parts of yourself - who you have been, who you are and who you are becoming; so you can step into full soul expression?

  • Let go of that which no longer serves you - face your fears and become stronger than them?

  • Remember more about who you truly are, at a deep soul level - so you can give your greatest gifts and live the life you were meant to experience?

  • Transform your relationships - stop settling for less in all areas, romantic, friendships, family, colleagues - and start filling your life with a tribe who can soar with you?

  • Deepen your connections to the ancient wisdom inside of you - and increase your ability to navigate your life from a divinely guided place regardless of societal rules and opinions of others?

  • Pull any remaining masks off and let the world see your soul - no matter what anyone says and take your place as a divine revolutionary, here to do things differently?

  • Redefine success on your terms - get honest about where your motivations come from, clear on what you really value and plug your sense of self-worth into your own guidance system?

  • Expand your understanding of wealth and money to be one of real power and freedom - one in which you unlock yourself from gear, limitation and lack to be part of creating the NEW world?

  • Make the commitment to redesign your life to reflect the truth of who you were born to be - and the vision you hold in your heart for yourself and your life?


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