Thrive living in your heart centered zone of genius!

Providing clarity and inspiration about your unique Human design and Life Purpose while empowering you to elevate where you currently are to your highest most ideal self-expression, so you are living your purpose and thriving in all areas of yourself, life, space and spiritual connection.

Ready for some inspiring, moving, motivating energy?

Are patterns keeping you stuck in your ability to manifest your dreams and desires?

Have you just gone through a divorce, death of a spouse or a detour in your life path and feel alone?

Is a lack of true focus and some confusion around the best use of your talents keeping you from your goals?

Are you on the edge of something new but afraid to take the leap for lack of the correct strategy aligned to your unique design to make it happen?

Are you tired of taking another training or workshop and not having the support following it to actualize your vision and dreams you received the inspiration for?

Is this You?

The path is honest, rewarding and soul satisfying.


Inspired by OUR many valuable client’s desire for continued support, Feng Shui Life Design, OUR coaching and Mentorship program is designed to provide you with one-on-one guidance to enrich your personal happiness, and fulfillment To Bring the Joy back into your life!

One of the most important aspects of working with our clients is being there for them on their journeys. Providing inspiration while clarifying the confusion found along the way of self-discovery and personal empowerment from a place of loving kindness.

There’s a difference between learning something and integrating it into your way of being. We will assist you in cultivating your unique expression in a way that will feel natural and organic to you.


Chad draws on over 20 years of experience and training in the areas of Personal Development, High Performance Strategy, Image Consulting, Luxury Lifestyle Living, and High-End Interior Design in order to deliver a truly unique alchemical holistic approach to Thriving in all areas of life for his clients.

His work has been featured in publications such as Robb Report Luxury Home and Jezebel Magazine, and he is a frequent speaker and lifestyle advocate, and has forged powerful current and past partnerships with lifestyle brands such as Live Ultimate, Neiman Marcus and Tom Ford International just to name a few.