Intentional Design: 4 simple ways to unlock your creative potential

As we begin to age and our bodies go through hormone transitions that affect our sleep patterns, it causes us to find new rituals and ways to support our lifestyle and state of well being overall.

I will share some simple secrets and steps to help ease and adjust your lifestyle to intentional design practices that help unlock your highest potential and enable you to cultivate your creativity, soul style and vision.

Having gone through my own transition, I can tell you that living an Intentional Lifestyle works.

1. De-clutter and Clean

It is spring time, which is a time for renewal- engage in spring cleaning and organizing your rooms. Remove everything you have not used or like from the space to open up and cleanse the energy. More space allows for more serenity- and then give it a deep thorough cleaning using natural cleansers a clean room is a relaxing one free from dust

2. Placement is everything

Is it time to move things around? Is your bed in the command position of the room? across from the door. Are the bedside tables and lamps balanced? When the room is balanced in all aspects, elementally, and with the furniture placement you are more likely to feel more balance within yourself

3. Bring in Nature

Surrounding yourself with nature, plants and flowers, the real thing or symbolic images of helps to relax you and lower your blood pressure if needed. They symbolize new growth and help you relax and not worry so much. Just remember how it feels to be in a garden….Silk works also

3. Pamper your Senses

The materials you surround yourself with will affect your ability to relax. Is it time to buy new all cotton high thread count or Bamboo sheets? In a color that makes you feel young and sexy? Is your lighting on dimmers? Do you have something soft to step out of bed on?

Is your bedroom painted in a yummy color that makes you feel sensuous and relaxed? These simple things can make the world of difference as well as having aromatherapy scents nearby such as lavender. Rose or vanilla.

4. Bedtime rituals

If you would like to sleep better learn to prepare yourself for bed by Creating rituals -taking a luxurious bath by candlelight, listening to some restful soothing music, get a little massage by your significant other, and I sometimes indulge and have some ice cream or if I really want to sleep through the night I have a light beer. Hops is a flower that is calming and also comes in a tincture if you don’t like the taste of beer.

It is also know that the middle of the night is a very creative time so if upon awakening you cannot go back to sleep you may want to do some writing, drawing, or take up a hobby like crocheting, knitting, needlework, something you can do in bed and before you know it you will have created something beautiful!!! The loss of the bit of sleep will have a productive ending….

Make the best of this powerful life transition, surrender to the lessons it offers, It is a time of Wisdom your time…



Elyse Santoro