What is Design Alchemy?

Quite simply, Design Alchemy is a unique proprietary system that brings together elements of your unique personal gifts and talents, and supports you in living your most purposeful life, thriving in all areas and expressing these elements in your home, environment and lifestyle.


What is the Design Alchemy Process?

Have you ever wondered what style best expresses who you are?  Have you ever thought about if your soul had a signature, what would it look like? What elements, colors, styles and themes would be included?  How might your life, relationships, fulfillment and overall health improve if you were more connected to your authentic self, AND it was reflected in your home and environment?

It all starts with our exclusive interview and assessment tool.  A discovery process to look at all of the areas of your life and determine where you want to focus first in order to achieve clarity.   The initial steps help us to identify personal preferences, likes, dislikes and desires.  Next, we design your blueprint for thriving, connecting to your ideal vision for your life and home.  Key steps will be identified and then we get to work!  It’s an exciting and deeply transformative process, all designed to unearth the hidden wisdom of your life’s purpose and to connect you to living your happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest life possible – all while living and working in spaces that reflect your true essence!