To Book an In-Person Feng Shui appointment

1. Fill Out the Booking Form. To book a Feng Shui consultation in the United States, please use our contact form. Depending on Elyse’s schedule, your consultation can be booked anywhere from two to three weeks from the day of your request.

2. Accept the Consultation Terms. Read the Feng Shui consultation terms and conditions and click the “Send” button. This serves as your digital signature/acceptance of consultation terms and conditions.

3. Have All Materials Ready. Here’s the info we need (please do not email it to us until your consultation is confirmed).

  • The Dates of Birth for People Living or Working in Your Space

    • Please provide us the date and year of birth (as well the gender in case of exotic names) of all family members living in the house or key business people working in the office.

  • Your Address and Floor Plan

    • The City Hall, or your builder/realtor, will have the copy of your floor plan. If you cannot locate the original floor plan, please do your best with drawing a sketch.

  • Confirmation/Booking Payment

    • To book your Feng shui consultation, we request 50% consultation payment as confirmation. The confirmation payment is based on a 2hr consultation; the payment is done on-line via Paypal. You do not have to be a Paypal member in order to make a payment. The booking payment is $390- Elyse’s current hourly fee for residences. Commercial spaces are priced by sq ft

The link is emailed to you when we receive your consultation request.

OUR CANCELLATION POLICY: We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to reschedule or cancel your Feng Shui consultation, please give us advance notice. If you reschedule with a 24 hr notice, the fee for late rescheduling is $80.00 If you cancel with less than 24 hr notice, your confirmation payment is non-refundable.