Art can help us remember our dreams and goals.

It can take us to a sacred place that exists within us.

It sparks unlimited imagination and visions.


A beautiful and soulful home that reflects your core essence and life experience is created by the personal art and accessories you surround yourself with.


Our homes, and what we do with them, are metaphors for our lives and how we live them. They are windows to the spirit and to the soul, revealing a story of our unconscious, fundamental beliefs, our personal histories, and hidden strengths, and they replicate the various aspects of our personalities.

Our homes are the place where our inner and outer worlds meet. By thoroughly examining the energy, symbols and patterns in the environment you have consciously or unconsciously created for yourself, you will gain valuable insights about who you are and how you live.

By bringing curated beautiful touches into your home or business you will experience an elevated rhythm and spiritual alignment in your space.  In other words, your space truly becomes a flowing, living, breathing sanctuary!


looking for something unique?


Commission the PERFECT PIECE

Many people have a difficult time finding art that is the right size and feel for their room. As a result, my commissioned paintings have become a very popular as they’re a very affordable option too. 

To get started on a commissioned painting or art photograph, send me an email with a photo of the room and wall you want it to go on and tell me what you have in mind. 

I will give you a price based on complexity and size needed.

If you are local, you can book a complimentary home consult, where I can bring ideas to help you envision what the perfect piece would be. I will then do a small mock-up and, once it is approved, will produce your piece in 3–4 weeks.

I do require a 50% deposit.


Client Testimonial

“When I decided to completely renovate an old house in Miami Beach, I hired Elyse as my designer. Though almost everything in the house would be new, I wanted it to feel like a cozy Key West bed & breakfast, a tropical, airy beach house with "old Florida" charm. Elyse listened carefully to my vision, and then brought her expertise and imagination to creating a home that turned out to be truly beyond my wildest dreams. She expanded on my original concept, guided me with her excellent taste and terrific ideas, and helped me create a home that feels sophisticated but comfortable, filled with warmth and understated elegance. We had a great collaboration. Elyse presented me with a beautiful array of fabrics, furniture, wood samples, tiles, window treatments, paint colors, door hardware, bath fixtures, and all the other details that go into a major renovation. Once I made my choices, she handled all the details ---

At the heart of all this attention to detail, Elyse used her expertise in Feng Shui to create a home that would have a beautiful and clear flow of energy. Although each room is unique, one room flows seamlessly into the next. Early in the process, I told Elyse that I had always loved aquariums. She came up with the idea of a built-in salt water aquarium in the wall dividing the living room and the kitchen. The aquarium is stunning and is the first thing I see when I walk in the front door. When people enter my home, they're swept off their feet by the magic of the place. By artfully blending Feng Shui with the details of interior design, Elyse helped me create a home that instantly gives people a feeling of tranquility, happiness, welcome and possibility. Every time I walk down the stairs and see my living room, I'm struck by how beautiful and inviting it is.”

Elliot Pilshaw
Miami Beach,Florida