Changing Your Space Can Change Your Life

Your environment affects how you work and live on a daily basis, it reflects your inner mind, your thoughts and ambitions. When you make changes that shift the energy of your environment and your perception, you can finally start experiencing new opportunities in the areas you have wanted to for so long: Better relationships, an increase in financial flow, more relaxation, more inspiration when you want to write or create art.

Most people create their space without knowing the actual intention of what they would like it to provide when it’s done, thus creating a space that is without charm void of energy, and not as beautiful as you would have liked it to be.

I know, it sounds like you may have missed the mark, right?

But you haven’t. There is just another dimension to experience! Home Design is an ever changing project that evolves as we do.

The problem is most places have been the same for ages, very little changes. It is vital to breathe new life into your environment as you evolve and change, bringing in new energy from flowers or plants, new throw pillows, an art piece you fell in love with or creating an area to do your creative work or meditation in.

How about setting up a lovely outdoor area to reflect in?

It’s important to collect beautiful objects that reflect who you are, so when you refresh the space and move the objects around, your space will still be beautiful and tell your personal and unique story. It takes just one wrong object to make you feel thrown off about the whole space. There are many places to find great objects that are better quality than Home goods but at a very reasonable cost. I frequent high-end consignment shops where the items for sale have been taken out of beautiful high-end homes because the people are moving or downsizing.

There are many ways to make your personal space be more beautiful, supportive and enjoyable.

Remember: We are shaped by the environment we surround ourselves with and how we design and live in our interiors! Change your space by adding or removing key elements to set in motion a new energetic vibration so your intentions to attract new opportunities or to accomplish things you have put off for years can be achieved.



Elyse Santoro