Creating a Life Full of Peace, Prosperity and Flow

Creating a Lifestyle change that begins at home your ” inner home” will support the changes that will constantly be unfolding around you. There is a path or way through this time of great change and planetary awakening.  Everyone wants to feel more peace and create a new way of living life. A simpler life, a life where you can be creating those things you are passionate about and financially supported by it.  As you begin to create a new foundation to grow from, one that is founded in your Awakened self the natural order and flow from the universe will ever be more present in your life.

If you haven’t noticed yet our entire system is designed for dependency, not personal freedom. Have you noticed our culture has become an ultra dependent society, dependent on drugs to help us cope with feelings, alcohol or once known as spirits to help us feel happy or numb the uncomfortable feelings, spending money for a quick high, eating food to satiate our unfulfilled desires, it has become the demise of our society and our  own personal freedom, everything in moderation is workable but unfortunately excess is running rampant.

Personal Freedom happens when there is no dependency on external things to help us cope, and when we live from our truth, and trust in the ever abundance of universal law. This is what the great awakening and shift is here to bring us:

1. Be Present

Really begin to get present to the life you are living is the first step. Being honest with what is, and in integrity with yourself. If you are not honoring your truth well how can you cause a shift to occur?

Being present is getting out of your mind, the thousands of thoughts that run you every minute of every day. Yes you may feel at times you are going out of your mind anyway and this is actually a good thing. In society if you are out of your mind you are crazy, but this out of your mind I refer to is letting go of the thoughts, and worries that are what cause the suffering and become still. If you cannot still the mind you cannot create a new reality.

Meditate, take a walk in nature, find a course to train you if you have difficulty with this practice, do what you have to, this is the first step to freedom, freedom from the mind that is at the root of all suffering, Being able to be still and part of the unified field is the first step to manifesting your  Ideal Life

2. Be Source

Begin to open to experiencing yourself as the source of everything you create in life and take responsibility for all of your life creations on a whole new level. Take a stand for your independence and know you have the power to create the change you know is possible for yourself. Develop a stronger connection to your spiritual higher self, this is where creation starts, in the field of pure potentiality. Create a vision with goals and take the action steps to bring it into fruition.

3. Community

Connect  to or create  a community of others that are on the same path of awakening and  enlightenment for support. Wherever you live community is essential in sustaining and growing through the changes that are happening. Remember your environment influences the way you live your life. If you are alone it could be more difficult to make a difference in the world. Contributing to the lives of others in a way that  lifts their spirits will have you feel connected.

4. Self Development

When you think you know it all there is no room for personal growth. We have been in an information age and this has taken us so far. Knowledge doesn’t cause change. Real inner growth begins when you can let go of what you think you know and open to experiencing something that is new. Find something to be trained in as a practice that will enhance the quality of your life on a day to day level. There are many programs available to train you in the mechanics of consciousness of  Life mastery,  Self discovery Techniques, Avatar, Transcendental Meditation to name a few.

5.Express your Life Purpose Creatively as a Contribution to others

Nothing feels better and gives life meaning than finding that thing that makes us passionate and “ Just Do It “like Nike says. As we cultivate our inner creative and share it with others it will help others do the same

6. Challenge Yourself

Create experiences that push you past your comfort zone, either physically, or creatively, or any way that will open you to a deeper aspect of your true authentic self. As you engage in these experiences a new level of being-ness will unfold adding to your sense of personal power.

7. Design your environment to support your Life Purpose

The way  we live in our personal  spaces and design them greatly influences our subconscious  state of creation. When we are more aware and intentionally design our home and work environments with the energetic vibration of our highest self, and are clear on the intentions.



Elyse Santoro