Designing a Sacred Space That Is Uniquely and Exclusively Your Own

Re-create one area of your Environment as your Sacred Power Space. A place you feel connected and happy just being there. It could be in a great comfy chair, or a cozy corner of your dining room or living room, but it is essential you set it up as your Sacred Power Spot.

Select an area that will be private and set up your altar. Place a candle, a sacred image, some found objects such as rocks or shells, a crystal, some live elements of nature such as a plant or an orchid or some flowers from your garden, along with an incense holder. If there is room you can add a small water feature that will keep the energy of water, which governs intuitive flow and money to continue to open up and grow.

Every morning as you light your candle and incense (I love frankincense!), it will set up the energy for you to channel through as you write and meditate your highest good, that which is your perfect path of realizing your dreams.

Also, having the Feng Shui elements of nature: wood, earth, water, and fire, will allow a sense of balance to permeate the space and assist you in relaxing, so your Creative Muse will give you lots of great Ideas!

Self Discovery and Self Love is a Journey, when you take the first step in taking care of yourself on a deeper level you give the universe the message that you are stepping into the flow, the universal flow of abundance, creativity, and joy and you will be supported as you keep going toward your ideal life and dreams!

You will begin to notice a significant shift in how life is presenting itself to you as you start having more time for self discovery in a place that raises your energy. More financial flow, creativity and peace of mind are just some of the benefits you will experience when you are more connected and aware of your higher self.

Love Mantra for Self Confidence

I am talented and have gifts to share

I am valuable and feel my worth

I am open to hear divine guidance

I love myself just the way I am



Elyse Santoro