Experience Wonderment Again

Playing just like a child will bring you a sense of imagination, dreaming and curiosity. Step outside the lines and find a new and different way to do the same routine you always do. Ask your Muse how she wants to do a task that you have always done the same way, and she will speak to you. Maybe it’s putting on great music while you cook and dance to the rhythm.


Play dress up with a friend and put outfits on that you would not normally put together- add a scarf or hat or colorful jewelry. You can get creative in this PLAY ritual and make something up that calls you. Have a tea party and invite friends over

If there is something specific you want at this time in your life, I recommend creating a fun ritual around that desire to integrate the feeling of having it.

This is how ideas are manifested – Dream it, Intend it, Feel it real, everyday feel it!  ... and it will materialize Inspired ideas will come through you once you give time and space to hear them.


You may want to take out your Journal and write an intention on the page. For instance: “I want to manifest a new freelance graphic design project by next week for $1500.00.” Then write words on that page around the intention of what getting that project would have you feel: Financial freedom, creativity, purpose, stretching your abilities, contribution, etc.  Create a page in your Journal to be your Dream Design that you will create by having a clear intention, feeling the experience as if it already happened—and writing, sketching and putting it into form on the page.

Luxurious Enhancement:

Put some of your favorite dancing music on, and dance like no one is watching… As you are dancing feel your intention unfolding and happening. Movement fuels your hearts desire!



Elyse Santoro