Magic Morning of Awareness

In these challenging times it is essential to have lifestyle practices that support your Sacred Self – How you nurture your body, spirit, heart and soul every day is the key to lasting happiness, peace of mind and creative fulfillment.

This is accomplished by incorporating Self Love rituals in your life regularly each and   every day.

Self-Love is a joyous way of living and Creativity is how you express self-love every day in the daily practice of self-care you design for yourself. These simple but powerful practices will help you become more spiritually connected to your higher self, allow you to feel more self-confident and clear about your creative purpose.

Essential Ritual #1

Wake up and have a Muse- Inspired experience, a moment to tune in and set your Intentions to start your day!  

Giving yourself 30 minutes of “me” time before you start your day is a self-love affirmation that shows you are willing to connect to your intuitive guidance. You are open to take that guidance to shape and inspire the new beginning of your day, week and or life because no matter how hectic your life is YOU matter the most in your life.

A great morning ritual is more than just being in no rush. It's about communion with your soul. It's about self-care. It's about greeting the day with love.

To Begin

Brew a cup of your favorite beverage, go sit in your favorite chair, light an aromatherapy candle (I recommend lavender or rose), close your eyes, take some deep breaths and call on your Muse to come in and write through you. Become clear on whatever intention you wish to manifest that day.

The way to access your Intuitive Muse is through the channel of your Heart and Hand. As you place your pen on the paper and begin writing a powerful connection is made between your higher self and the guidance coming through your hand onto the paper. First you may not know what to write so write whatever you are feeling and soon it will shift, the more you write the more profound the aware content will be.

A beautiful journal, a favorite pen, lighting a scented candle and sitting in your sacred spot. You prepare yourself in the space that will support you in the activity you are about to embark on.

There is an effortless flow that occurs as you handwritten – no thoughts, just allow your higher self/Muse to channel whatever she wants to tell you as you write on the page.

One page is all you need each day. After you do your automatic writing, then at the end of the page write an intention for your day—one that inspires your bigger vision.

When you are complete with your journal entry for the day , stay for a few more moments  in the serene stillness and meditate for at least 5 – 10 minutes. Simply close your eyes and breathe.  Quiet your mind and be in the zone of stillness and space, be one with the universal field of pure potential. This is where everything is manifested as you create your specific intention the field begins to manifest it.

Open yourself to the magic and miracles of the day, feel your intention done like it has already manifested, and hold that energetic vibration all day long. Feel it as real and it will become so.

Believe and you shall receive... Follow your Intuition, it will never mislead you.

Luxurious Enhancement #1

Love nourishment

Prepare something healthy and delicious for breakfast, which is your most important meal. It can be a protein shake, or fruit salad with nuts and yogurt. Eat it sitting down and take your time. Feel how eating what your body intuitively asks you for is a self-honoring ritual.

Each time you eat consciously you are giving your body a message that you care about your well-being.



Elyse Santoro