Reclaiming Joy and Soulfulness at Home

Most spaces I have experienced and seen are missing the soul of the person living there and they certainly don’t inspire the imagination or take you on a journey of the owner's life.

Maybe  you once upon a time embarked on the DIY journey of creating your own environment only to find you hit a wall and just got furnishings  without mindfulness just to fill the room and finish it? This happens a lot! That’s why IKEA is so successful, inexpensive, somewhat stylish furniture. The Rooms to go mentality and your home is set up in a jiffy. When all it would have taken was some patience and research to find more soulful, better quality furniture that would spark joy and be more aligned with your Soul’s Essence.

We have become a microwave society - everything needs to happen between 3-5 minutes so we can get on with what we think is more important: making money, being on our electronic devices or simply shopping for things that don’t really shape our soulfulness… Yes, I said it - it is a distraction and probably a waste of time!

We all want to feel deeply connected to that part of ourselves; the creative inspired soulful essence… and have it reflected in our environments as a reminder of what is important for us. But this journey takes time. Good home design is an evolution of one’s own life, how aware we become, how clear we are on the elements that inspire us, how mindful we are at looking for and purchasing an object we decide to bring into our space.  A home for one’s soul is a journey of discovery and what I do is guide my clients in that journey.

Marie Kondo says:

Does it spark joy? And her system is about letting go of everything that doesn’t spark joy.  In closets,in drawers, etc.

The same goes for home furnishings, how many things do you surround yourself with that simply don’t spark joy for you anymore?

Maybe it's time to let it go and open space for what does spark joy.

A great place to begin to look at what you feel very deeply connected to is to go on Pinterest and put in specific words in the search bar that will give you inspiration photos like:

Romantic Bedrooms

Spa Designed Bathrooms

Coastal Living Rooms

Sacred Spaces at home

Begin exploring and imagining your ideal space, really letting your fantasies run wild.

How would your bedroom feel in this point in your life? sexier? More spa like? All white? Or dark grey with white furniture? Would it have a sheer draped canopy bed?

Part of the issue is that people decorate and design too much  from such a mundane practical level, they think function and form, not feeling and fun.

I’m sure if you look at your environment and were honest with yourself you would see where you left out the wild imagination and fun feelings it could have had.

It’s never too late to give it a face lift or as I call it a Space Lift and bring more soulful meaning and joy to it!

Here are few tips to get your journey  started:

1. Write down your 5 top values. Your values must weave themselves into your visual story.

Ex: Beauty, love, communication, inspiration, etc.

2. What your story?

Ex: I am creative I love my family.

3. Edit out anything that you don’t like anymore.

4. Keep looking at Pinterest for inspiration home photos. Create an inspiration board with these images.

5. Decide when you will begin to make small changes.

6. Get support from a friend or professional.

Living in a beautiful and soulful home is a joy that you really must experience. We are here to evolve and be happy. Be joyful! Use your home as the catalyst to bring you there.

I wish you a blessed a joyful journey creating a Home for your Soul!


Elyse Santoro