Rejuvenate the Energy in your Home for greater Well-Being

The feeling, vibe or atmosphere filling your home and or business is simply energy. The quality and way in which this energy moves throughout your space directly affects the flow of your life force. You are not separate from the energy filling your home and it is not separate from you. You are both exchanging energy continuously.

Stuck stagnant energy in your space creates obstacles and setbacks whilst light gentle moving energy allows your life to flow with greater ease and be supportive in the healing process It’s that simple.

Even though Feng Shui is a complex subject which takes you on a life long journey, I can happily share eight core Feng Shui wellness habits which I know will contribute enormously to improving the quality and flow of energy in your home and life.

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop” Confucius.

1.    Start feeling the energy in your rooms:

Your body is a clever instrument that easily senses the energy in any room. Simply by closing your eyes, and becoming aware of how a room actually makes you feel, is all you need to do.

It’s not necessary to know why, a room doesn’t feel right, you simply need to start rearranging, taking away or adding until the feeling starts to shift and improve.

A clue: Rooms, corners or spaces that you generally avoid or never use are the best places to start.

2. Never stop removing clutter:

Clutter has a way of sneaking into your environments uninvited. By following two simple habits you will easily be able to keep clutter to a minimum.

Once a month focus on one cupboard or one draw or even one room. By having a monthly clutter clearing session you are guaranteeing yourself that 12 times a year you are removing the old, stale and stagnant energy from your personal and working space.

Secondly make a promise to yourself that anytime you buy something new for your space you will remove at least 2 items. Give it away or put it away this way the balance will remain intact. For example if I am buying a new printer I will generally throw out an old one or even give it to someone. Anything that looks well past it use by date is out.

A tip: Remember there is an emotional cost to clutter in your life- Stuck Energy!!!

3. Improve Energy Flow:

Each room in your home deserves 100% great energy flow. Corners are the most common spots where energy gets stuck. There’s generally no people movement, they tend to be darker, neglected, dull and often well away from any door or window.

Start encouraging energy flow into your corners by improving the lighting, adding color, plants, water feature, fresh flowers, candles, lamps or moving heavy pieces of furniture away from them. Mirrors push energy into the direction they are facing, whilst vases filled with tall pieces of luck bamboo pull energy up away from the floor and towards the ceiling.

Stuff stored on the floors drags energy down and hinders the flow of energy.

A tip: Your eyes are attracted to energy. As a general rule notice which spaces, walls and areas of your home never attract your eyes attention and focus on improving the energy in those spaces from the above list of ideas.

4. Adjust the Yin Yang Balance of your Bedroom for true rejuvenation:

Your bedroom is not supposed to be multipurpose room filled with TV’s, computers, work papers and exercise equipment. It’s sole purpose is to rest, repair and rejuvenate your body. Ensure the bedroom feels calm, peaceful and restful by removing as many yang (stimulating) items as possible.

Remove clutter from under your bed so you are not sleeping on past issues. Know the history of your mattress. A mattress stores human emotions. If your mattress has been exposed to many unpleasant emotional upsets I would strongly urge you to buy a new mattress to prevent you connecting with those energies. Alternately sprinkled with rock salt for 4 or 5 hours to cleanse or leave outside in the bright sunshine.

A tip: Remove all electrical appliances from your bedroom particularly around the head of your bed. Make sure your homes power box is not on the other side of your bed head. Electrical radiation is dangerous.

5. Stop Complaining About Your Home and give it more love:

Stop complaining about your home from this day forward. Your thoughts contribute enormously to the atmosphere that lingers in your home. Focus on what you love about your home. Give thanks for the shelter, warmth and protection is offers you on a daily basis. If your home feels flat and tired, then change things around. If stuff is broken, neglected or needs repair then fix.

Each time you walk through your front door repeat a mantra such as “My home is calm and peaceful” “My home attracts abundance” My home nurtures and uplifts my energy”.

A tip: To further raise the vibration of your home burn essential oils, incense, play mantra’s or uplifting music, add some crystals, cleanse with a space clearing mist or a sage smudge stick.



Elyse Santoro