The Soul of a Home

What if you knew your home told a story of your life journey and communicated back to you what’s important and what you value in life. Would you say it is telling an accurate story?

As we create our interiors over time, we often take on the task without professional guidance, we make aesthetic decisions that are not really aligned with our soul, our life purpose, or even well thought out, leading us down the wrong road causing frustration when it’s all done. We may feel that it did not quite make it the way we vision it and now we feel even more unhappy.

Designing spaces as a sacred practice that leads you to come home to your most awakened essential self is the type of design work I do. Most of the clients I work with have lived with so many memories from the past that no longer serve them, or for that matter reflect the style they feel empowered by. Thus, they feel uninspired and blocked in their lives.

Great soul inspired design will bring the magic back into your life!

My Design Shrink assessment will take you through a transformation of perspective and ultimately give you a prescription for the colors, elements, style and objects you want to surround yourself with, resulting in a true feeling of home.

I use Human Design and Feng Shui as foundation systems that will enlighten you as to how to operate and navigate life more for optimum flow and well-being.

I have created 7 essential styles that align to your Soul Design and life purpose and these will elevate your frequency to help you manifest your goals and heart’s desires. These can be integrated with what you have or can be designed into your space from scratch.

To start this process ask yourself what is it that you long to do or create in your life?

Is it more financial flow? More intimate relationships? To focus on your creative passion? Or have a better connection with your kids? 

I believe to evolve and grow it is important to have clarity first and then find the right guide to help you create a plan that will have you experience new possibilities and results.

Here are few suggestions to bring more clarity into your life:

1.       Hang a Crystal over your desk chair from 18” of string this will bring more clarity

2.       Put a metal object on your desk for more focus

3.       Clear away the clutter and then contact me for your free complimentary strategy call so we can discuss how I might help you design a Life and Place you are simply in Love with!




Elyse Santoro