Life Design 101

Lifestyle and Feng Shui for 2019


There is absolutely no reason for you to be living a life that is not filled with joy … or working in a space that you are not completely in love with. Your work space should support your life in every way.

If you wonder why you aren’t experiencing total happiness, joy and flow in your life, start by looking around and observe your environment. Where do you live and work? How would you describe your lifestyle and the people in your world?

Our environment and lifestyle either supports you in being fulfilled and successful, or it is working against what you really long for. The problem is that we have become numb to what we really want. Many of us have resigned ourselves to living in spaces that are not giving us joy.

To improve your Lifestyle and Feng Shui for 2019, begin by answering the following questions:

What is out of alignment with your greatest vision for your life? Do you love your space? Is it dated, ugly or messy? How about your lifestyle? Do you have enough time to relax and feel pleasure? Are you living your purpose? Or have you outgrown what you are doing? Have you been wondering what’s next?

So, if any of this resonates with you, my article on Feng Shui for 2019-The Year of the Earth Pig, is for you!


The Chinese New Year is right around the corner, and we are moving into the new energy of the Earth Pig on February 5, 2019. It could be your best year yet! Earth Pig years are auspicious for services and businesses that are focused on making people comfortable at home and in other areas of their life relating to up-leveling one’s lifestyle and well-being as well as in all areas that make people happy.

Think of bringing people together for a celebration of life. Help others know who they really are and show them how to design a life that aligns with their life purpose. Get creative and use colors, designs and authentic self-expression to bring the joy out in others and yourself. So, whatever business you may be in think of creative ways to add this value, and you are sure to expand and prosper. 

Our Mother Earth or Gaia is calling out for healing and the best way to heal her is to connect more with nature, be mindful about consumption and the amount of refuse you generate, and honor her by bringing her beauty into your living and working spaces.

As we continue in the accession process, it is important to understand that the more we do our part in letting go of our internal issues and patterns, the more Mother Earth will heal, too. Everything is connected like a web.

To be the most effective at helping your clients have a powerful transformation and positive experience, each of us must do the up-leveling of our own lives first. You have to be it and live it. Then the right clients will be attracted to you because you resonate at the same frequency. No, this is not “woo woo.” This is what life is made of: Energy!

So, look at your entire life and ask yourself: What do I need? A shift in myself? My brand? My wardrobe? My car? My home design? The way I am bringing my offering out to people?

THIS IS THE YEAR TO GIVE IT TO YOURSELF FIRST!  Then watch the magic of life deliver!! Paying attention to your Lifestyle and Feng Shui for 2019 can make a world of difference.

With a support team to help you, it’s much easier to make changes. When you are inspired and feel the outcome in your soul, it unfolds in perfect harmony with your divine design.  Even I have a support team and have partnered up with one of the premier curators of a life lived well, holistic lifestyle designer, Chad Welch!

“When you start to show up to your life, to really let your imagination run wild and have fun with your space and surroundings, and really begin to align with the idea that “it’s all just energy” a beautiful alchemical process begins to take place, and a space for more magic and creativity is born”! -Chad Welch

It’s so easy to get caught up in day to day living - our business, family, relationships, projects left hanging – these all pull our energy outward and then we ask ourselves, “What happened? It’s already June! Half of the year just went by …”

So here are a few Lifestyle and Feng Shui recommendations to get the energy moving in the right direction before February 5, 2019 – the Chinese New Year:

Thoroughly clean your living and work environment. Yes! Not just your average cleaning … deep clean. You can hire someone if you don’t have the time or ability.

1.        Clean all your windows and open them up to let fresh air in – windows are the eyes to the soul of the house.

2.       Front entrance – The main door is where the energy enters. Re-fresh it! Get a new mat or plant. Clean it and hang a chime creating an intention inside or outside. Intend what you want to manifest (the sound will bring forth your intention).

3.       Get in the Flow – Place a water feature in the southeast sector of your home or office to bring in new opportunities.

4.      Bedding – Spring for new sheets, it’s time! Energy gets stuck in matter. I buy new sheets yearly.

5.       Closets - Yep! Off load everything that you haven’t worn in 12 months and make space for the new.

6.       Office Area – Organize and let go of anything that creates clutter. Use the herb sage to cleanse the spirit of your working space.

7.       Kitchen/Bathrooms – Make sure everything is working impeccably and that you love being in these spaces. Do they need a few new things to replace worn out things? Treat yourself!

8.      Cyber detox – Yes! Your computer, tablet and smart phone are a vault of unused information. Delete files, emails, bookmarks, etc. and free the energetic space of your computer/smart phone memory to be ready for new opportunities.

9.       Re-fresh your look – It’s very lucky to change your hairstyle before the new year begins. Get a cut or change your hair color (highlights or a glaze) to remove old energy and re-fresh your personal look.

10.    Boost your luck – Move 27 things in your space. Yes, it works! (Just 27!) I create new vignettes in my home all the time. I am reorganizing accessories and moving the furniture around because it feels great to see things from a new perspective. It opens energy up for new opportunities because the energy is being moved 27 times. Trust me this works, but please count and stop at 27!

May your New Year be filled with Joy, and amazing new opportunities for you to prosper!



Elyse Santoro