What is your Soul-Style?

Interior decorating and design are about creating a “lifestyle” in your home that matches your soul style and will also support your ideal life and purpose.  When thinking about decorating our spaces, we can become too focused on how it will look and lose focus on actually living in the space and making it coincide with our lifestyle, so it feels aligned.  For instance, it always amazes me to see magazines feature rooms with gorgeous and expensive furnishings yet, there is no intimate and cozy space for a couple to be together comfortably. For example, the sofa may look nice, but it also looks very uncomfortable to sit on and makes me wonder if the room is ever used.

Lifestyle really is the number one factor in designing a home. To enjoy the most out of your home, and the rooms in it whether you are currently living the lifestyle of your dreams or whether you would like to redesign your lifestyle, knowing what specific elements to incorporate is important. Knowing these elements that reflect the tapestry of your life will help you begin shifting in a direction that creates your ideal environment.

Your home is a reflection of who you are, so wouldn’t you want your home to feel as unique and soulful as you are? Wouldn’t you want your home to reflect your personality and lifestyle so that when you invite family and friends to your home, they can see your home as an extension of everything they love about you?

When you have integrated certain important principles of Feng-Shui with good design, you create a place not only of beauty, but one of harmony too. When your home looks good and feels good, you will feel like you are finally “HOME.”

I have developed a Signature Process called Design Alchemy that helps you understand the story your place tells and how it got to this point so we can begin to look at what details are ready to change so it really reflects your Soul-Style and supports your life purpose energetically.

I do your Human Design Chart and garner specific details and information that helps me design your space to really reflect the elements you need to surround yourself with NOW so whatever you are out to accomplish your home/work environment is set up to facilitate success.

If you’d like to speak with me I offer a Strategy Design call for free for 30-45 min to connect and hear about where you are and what you are ready to manifest.

I am here to help you!



Elyse Santoro