Powerful Habits to Live your Dream Life

1. Live your life more organized. When you have order that works for you, energy flows freely. That’s where peace of mind begins. You aren’t guessing…you know where things are. You know how much money you can spend. You know what goes where…and you know what you are creating, clearly! You are open to attract new opportunities when your space is free of clutter and organized.

2.  Create a new money story. That’s where real change begins. When you take responsibility for your wealth, you see how the story you are living now can change because it’s not happening to you, it was created by you! Create a bigger life vision and work with a Life Coach if possible.

3Activate your Creativity. When you are inspired, life expands. The biggest businesses and life breakthroughs were created in light bulb moments! Incorporate weekly inspiration experiences- that push you to be in the flow- Take time to go and be around creative people and places- Start writing, painting, playing music, decorating – whatever your heart and soul has longed to do.

4.  Participate in actions that make your Confidence soar. When you feel powerful, you have the energy and the guts to confront things that may be pushed to the side, stuffed in drawers or unopened in digital and snail mail Confidence also supports you being bold in asking for what you need to help you get ahead - No more avoiding. Be Bold! In its place comes creating big change! Just Do it!

5. Do things that make you Happier Happy people make more money. It’s not a myth, it’s actually been scientifically documented. Find those things you love to do and do them more often- Spend time with loved ones, be in Nature, listen to uplifting music…

6. Use your time more efficiently There’s nothing like having more stress free time. When things are alive and sparkling , everything moves more effectively, including your thought processes! Stop putting off what you can do today for tomorrow- Procrastination is a energy drain. Use the Passion Planner to get your life organized.

7. The Feng Shui Style of your space can remind you of your dreams every single moment… short-circuiting any self-sabotage. We all have weird “money programming” from childhood and our parents and society and on and on.  You can focus on your mind infinitely and either have success or spin in circles. I’ve spun in many circles until I learned to get present and flood my life with abundance everywhere I look!  When you are present and create a space that mirrors your intentions, you make stuff happen easier, in present time, the way you really want them to be! Put your power colors and elements in your place to boost the energy!

8. Bring the outdoors inside. Seeing plants and landscapes have helped patients heal after surgery, and others just relax and unwind. Nature heals us. It’s a fact. Seeing growth and nature and harmony helps all of life to grow in positive ways! Bring in Orchids, plants and flowers to bring new life into your space and feel the difference.

9. Activate the motivation to change your space. When you’re more focused, and excited about your personal space and feeling inspired, you can create freely and feel fabulous! Change your space change your life! Reach out to people who can support you in this process if needed.

10. Start to simplify your Life.  Be cautious about how many new things you take on and how busy you keep yourself. Balance your life between your work life and your personal life. Educate yourself on ways to work less, make more, and have more time to enjoy your life. Free Time is a precious commodity, time you can devote to the things in your life hat matter most- The simpler your life becomes the more free time you will have.



Elyse Santoro