Six Signs That It Is Time to Feng Shui Your Space

1.Have you been feeling uncomfortable when you are at home? Or spend as much time as possible not at home? Wondering why, knowing that something needs to shift but not sure what it is?

I am an advocate for changing the energy in your home to keep the energy moving – which is considered good Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an art form that works to both help you attract your intentions by the arrangement and position of things in your space and though the successful combination of elements – wood-water-metal-earth and fire. It also helps you feel more connected to yourself and to the natural world surrounding you, thus fostering a sense of peace and happiness. 

2. You have wanted to begin a creative project like painting, sculpting or writing but don’t know where to set up the space?

It is one of the most important details of having a place that supports your creativity which is to have a designated space to do this that you can just walk into.

There is always a place that rarely gets used that you can set up a studio for yourself – a place that is your creative sanctuary that will help you expand the expression of your passions.

3. You feel down and sad when you are at home, and instead of your space re-charging you it drains your energy.

Often times when your environment has been neglected by you for some time the energy becomes stale and is calling to be infused with new energy so it will feel energized.

Your bedroom which is meant to restore your energy does the opposite. You work in there on your computer, you have very little connection to the outside and natural light, your bedroom has not been redecorated for 8-10 years and feels totally dated.

4. The amount of clutter in your space has officially gotten out of control.

You can’t tackle it alone because you don’t know what goes and what stays -so it just all stays and gets worse as time goes by. A properly designed space has places for everything- your books- your papers-your mail- your clothes and maybe it’s time to hire a professional organizer to help.  Clutter drains energy.

When you walk into a home that has everything in place it feels refreshing.

5. You just recently went through a major transformation in your life such as beginning a new business, separating from your beloved, your kids left for school, and your environment feels like the past- not who you are now so you wonder, how can I change my space to reflect who I am now?

Your home feels too much like the past and you have changed, your life has gone thru a major readjustment and your home feels like it is longing to have a update- so when you walk in you feel renewed and it reflects both details of the past you still love- like framed photos and artwork that have a beautiful history. Living around things you have no connection to, or you just plain don’t like is counter-productive to Living in a Home for your Soul.

It is time to take inventory on what you love and what can be released thus starting the process of Design Alchemy.

6. You never feel good having people over because you feel slightly embarrassed at how your place looks.

The things we let go in our homes such as that chair that needs re-upholstering, or that room that needs a new coat of paint in a fresh new color- or the guest bathroom that is old and tired and feels dingy all effect our lifestyle. If you love having gatherings at your home and don’t do it because you say – when I redo the bathroom then I will- it’s time to make a decision to do something now.

Making the decision to invest in your home is making an investment in YOU. Your happiness and peace of mind are affected by how you feel in the place that is your Sanctuary

It is common to get disconnected from Home when you have been focusing on everything outside of yourself.

Creating a Home for your Soul is the greatest form of Self Love I know of and the process when working with the right professional is a most enjoyable journey of self -discovery.



Elyse Santoro